Let's wash and rinse 2020 too

Lashing highlights what the new year means for Parlay 8.



1/9/2022 2 min read

Another year. If you say it slowly it comes out to be 2020 too. Let’s hope that isn’t the case. 2020 hurt a lot of us and 2021 was just the beginning of the road. So of course we are optimistic about 2022. All jokes aside, we are ready to roll with this year.

There are a lot of things coming up on the horizon that we are excited about. I think the biggest one will be the Order of the Leviathan induction ceremony in St. Augustine in February. We are completely psyched to be going down there and meeting many more people from the pirate community. We have things peppered in the first quarter of the year to keep us busy until the pirating season really turns up to full blast.

Clearly as you are here reading this, you have seen the website has had a face lift. Something that was well needed and overdue by say 6 months. Also something I dreaded and put on the back burner. The simpler design and look it’s much more functional and the new platform we are on lends itself to be easier to manager. Unlike our previous site which was heavy coding that I happily had forgotten until needing to work on the new site.

All the while we continue with Parlay 8. I finally sat down and sewed and 18th century shirt 100% by hand. Yes so I can say finally that I hand sewed it. I also began on a pair of stays, other than some eyelets they are done. I hand finished those; apparently sewing machines are not flexible when you’re dealing with a pair of stays that has 25 feet of Boning in them. When I have the ambition, I’ll write a short blurb about each’s sewing adventure as well as the patterns and materials used.

Our creative spaces are going through an overhaul as well. As we grow and learn our craft, we figure out what works and what doesn’t. And typically around this time of year is when things get changed and moved around. We finally got a storage system for the craft room from IKEA and it has changed the space into weekend kid’s space into an adult working space. I am so happy with how it looks right now and can’t wait to get the rest of the shelving needed for it (shocker they didn’t have everything I wanted while we were there). The guest room is also getting an overhaul for a couple of reasons. 1) We are very fortunate to have a consistent dog sitter who comes here and stays at our home with the babies. Their stress levels never raise being able to stay at home and now with someone they are very comfortable with and have a routine. 2) Ballast needs an area to work on his custom black flags that doesn’t involve taking over our dining room table and morning room for weeks at a time. So while the guest room gets used once a month while we are away pirating, the space can be used for creative purposes in the meantime. Also means we can yell at each other across the hall while we each work in our spaces. HAHA.

There are so many things ahead of us right now, so many plans in the works that sometimes it can get overwhelming. That’s the honest truth about it. I am excited, I know he is excited. We just got to keep looking in the current month, maybe look ahead in depth to next month before going into the deep end of the rest of the year. But that’s ok. We rather be here then we were in 2020 and fine, let’s say its 2020 too. Let’s wash and rinse and make it the year it should have been instead of the year it was.

Till next time, Fair Winds and Following Seas.