Meet The Pirates

Jay "Ballast" Brusso

Devra "Lashing" Brusso


A beginning. What started this way of life? (And yes, it is no longer an obsession, but a way of life). This story starts in 2010. We both love pirates, and wanted something more then the corner costume place could provide us.

That Halloween, we went beyond the clothing and started getting into decorating as well. What we did was all a huge hit with the kids. It was so much fun to be dressed up in something so recognizable, and very comfortable. The best part was, it was what we wanted. With as much effort that went into the clothing, we would wear it again another year at least.

In 2011 we added some pieces to the costumes to make them better. Our decorations started to get more elaborate, and all of a sudden it was "What was next? What would take us to the next level?" We loved our pieces so much, and had so much fun getting into them. We were starting to want to do this more than once a year.

Getting into 2012 we decided we would go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I made a few new pieces and we went all dressed up. I have been to the Faire several times as a kid, but together with my husband dressed up, made it all that much better! It really got you in character and you felt like you were really in that time period. We knew we would have fun running around looking at all the artisans. I didn’t know how much of a sewing bug I had until we were looking at all the pieces and thinking what we could do next. People stopped us to ask where we got some of our pieces. We felt drunk with adrenaline about how people gushed over the work we had put so many hours into. I wondered if we could sell our stuff for real.

With the encouragement of my husband and some family we opened the store in 2013. We put a few things on the site in the beginning of the year, but by April we were packing up our lives to start over a couple hours south. The store took a back seat, but we didn’t stop with the costuming. We kept visiting festivals, and I continued to make and improve on my skills.

After all these years our passion to keep making pieces to enjoy never went away. In the span of 2017, the Captain, has garnered a passionate interest in wood working. He strives to combine his interest with the 17th and 18th century into the pieces he works on. So the store, and what we do, are more than just clothing.

Even more recently we have joined the Pirates of the Loose Cannon Company. The Loose Cannon Company or LCC is a group of pirates that enjoy reenacting the Golden Age of Piracy. We are a group of living history, accurately attired reenactors located in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Many of our newer adventures are amongst LCC as the galleries show. You can visit the Company on Facebook here.

There it is… the obsession, the lifestyle we strive to live. We take inspiration from history, movies, and even shows depicting pirates. So be on the lookout, until we sail again into a new port of call.

Fair Winds and Following Seas.