Legends of Blackbeard

This 1700's style ensemble was inspired by the Slideshow Collectible Blackbeard Statue. The frock coat is a 1720's cut along with the long weskit coat to accompany it.

The coat is made of 6 yards of red cotton canvas that has been washed in a black dye to deepen the red. It's 100% lined in black polyester cotton. Both front pockets are fully functional with an additional pocket on the inside breast. Decorated with almost 80 large pewter buttons along the front, tail and cuffs complimenting the black detail trim they are set in. This particular coat does not button, but then again it doesn't need to be buttons with the flair of the coat tails. This coat was made for an entrance.

Accompanying the frock coat is a long gray weskit. Made to mimic the style of the frock coat. Almost 50 of the same pewter buttons but smaller were used. A red trim in lieu of black was used to compliment the vest to the coat. Each front pocket is fully functional as well as the buttons to ensure it closes comfortably.

"I have several pieces from Parlay 8. The first commission was a red waist coat to replace the one I've had for years and was falling apart and patched, that fit like a glove. The second being my Blackbeard frock coat, Devra and I researched several sources, the best visual was a statue, and when I received the coat, not only did it fit perfectly, but was identical to the statue, the workmanship was fantastic. Lastly, another waist coat to wear with the frock coat, again out of the park. Parlay 8 has something for the entire family, my daughter, son in law , and Grandchildren also have quality items made by Parlay 8, each piece made with the same attention to detail as the last. Any reenactment attire I need, will be coming from Parlay 8."

- A true fan, Mister Willis, Quartermaster

Time lapse of portions of the Blackbeard coat. Message us for your own custom piece!


Legend In the Making